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First of all, you should know that search engines are excellent for driving very targeted traffic to your site. Now, before you toss your laptop in the garbage, you should know just what targeted traffic is. Targeted traffic are visitors who already know you, they already like your site, and have a relationship with the site in their mind. This means that the quality of your traffic is higher than the kind you generate using Page Rank and what you "allow" CSE to index. Search engines are a very solid tool for driving traffic and providing you with high quality targeted traffic. And with the search engines, you know you're targeting traffic because they'll show up in the search engine results page ranking. If you're online looking for something, you'll probably look for it on the search results. The search engines are best for business, because they're designed to provide you with custom-targeted traffic.

Article marketing

People love to read articles because it's a great source of information. When you get good at writing articles, though, you can use those articles for article marketing, which is a great way to accelerate the rate at which you reach your target market. Many businesses use article marketing as part of their online marketing strategy. The articles are written about subjects that are related to what they do, and then they get distributed around the web. You could write an article and sit back and wait for it to be clicked by people but it's a lot more complicated than that. If you submit unique articles to each directory, then you can get a steady stream of visitors to your site. You will have more inbound links than if you simply submit to one single directory. The article has to be valuable, and you have to make sure it gets on the front page of the top 25 directories. You'll need to select article directories that have a good reputation and that have a lot of users. If the article you're writing is worth writing, you'll likely have a lot of articles that are being read by people on the internet. They're not reading trash, but something that is interesting to them or something they're interested in. What you should do is to write a page that contains the summary of your article. Talk about a problem that problems people are having, then give some suggestion. Then create a quick bio about yourself. This is the place where you can mention your product or website. Finally, you include a link to your website. This is how article marketing works. It's a very simple process of promoting your website and gaining a regular flow of targeted traffic.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is the most targeted traffic on the internet and it's very easy to get hooked on too. You've probably heard a lot about the "secret of the click". Well, here's the secret. If you want to get visitors that are looking for your type of product, then you've got to find an area that other people are not looking for and start there. This is pay per click, and you'll more than likely end up shooting yourself in the foot. When people start searching for something online they tend to type in the words in search engines. This means that a lot of people use certain search words to find what they're looking for. Pay per click is an excellent way to reach these people and attract them through the internet. You will also be making money for every single click a visitor you've paid you.

It's quite simple to set up your pay per click advertising. First, you select some keywords that you think are relevant for your website. Then, you create a campaign that will show up on the sidebar of the search engine. You need to be sure to bid a certain price for your keyword, then you add the text snippet from your article into a post in your blog. After that, you'll want to start getting backlinks towards that page.

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Many companies continue to run their offline marketing campaigns almost exclusively online. While this may be a good way for companies to promote their company focus, doing so only serves to waste a lot of time and money as well as your company's promotional speaking dollars. This article explains why and how you can successfully market your company online.

Step 1: Deciding on a Strategy - Know What You Mean

A big mistake that many small business owners make when they get into marketing their company online is trying to do everything themselves. One of the biggest reasons for doing this is the majority of people do not have the time, the expertise, and the expertise to run a successful company online. With that said, it is important to get a clear idea of exactly what you want to accomplish before you start a business, or switch from researching to actual marketing.

Step 2: Know Your Competition

The true online success stories exist and there is a little time to learn your way around and find a strategy that will work the best for you. It is also going to be important to research your competition especially if you would like to tap into an untapped niche or area. If you decide to start marketing online via a social networking community, it is always a good idea to check into the other users to see what they are currently promoting, and try and mirror their efforts.

Step 3: Understanding The Game

Understanding the game that is the internet is imperative. Understanding search engine optimization, website design, and building an effective website is going to be extremely helpful towards building and increasing your company's online presence. There are many helpful articles, and forums out there which can help you get a good start on internet marketing for small businesses. They have information on how to build the best website that captures internet buying videos, and how to pick the right domain name for your online marketing efforts. The key is to understand do-it-yourself online marketing, without the costs of hiring a professional consultant and project manager.

Step 4: Incorporation

It may sound like a huge undertaking to move your offline marketing efforts as your business is online. The good news is, through various articles and guides out there on the subject you can master the art of business incorporation. This can help save thousands of dollars. Small business incorporation eliminates the time-consuming process of paperwork, provide immediate legitimacy, and simplify a process that is otherwise very costly.

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Here are seven ways to ensure that you are reaching your target market online:

1. Make sure your business is listed with the major search engines. 

Your business should at least be listed with Google, Yahoo, and Live Search. Google alone has become the top website for sheer amount of people using it. Yahoo is the main and Yahoo Answers has become a good source for information.

2. Have a strong online presence with the major social networks.

Find the largest and most popular social networking platforms. These include Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. It is important that you determine the right target audience for your business. This information is available in demographic profiling for most of these sites.

As stated above, the demographics of these networks differ, but they all provide a general idea of who uses them. By carefully researching them and having a clear focus, your messages about your business should reach your target market.

3. Develop an internet marketing strategy.

Develop a marketing plan for your online presence. You should focus on increasing visibility for your site. Consider which method or methods will work for you in reaching your target market. You should seek out the most suitable method that is the most cost-effective, but that also provides the greatest return.

Remember that self-promotion is a form of encouragement to your customers. They are part of the target market you have posted your advertisement for. They are potential customers who can be influenced in a positive direction if you refuse to back down on your business efforts.

4. Blog and continue to evolve with your target market.

Save time by learning what your target market likes and respects. This extra step will help you in deciding what type of information is more appropriate. The only way your future customers will find you is if you stay relevant to them.

With your customer base growth on the internet, your business can potentially reach large amounts of new customers. The trends may only change for a faster growth. But more importantly, your business will have more tax benefits through establishing recurring online sales.

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Internet marketing is a broad term that covers a wide range of online promotional activity. Internet marketing overlaps with traditional marketing because there are similar activities required by both types of marketing, such as developing and promoting products and services, producing advertising campaigns, and tracking results. But because the online world has become such a competitive environment with so many internet marketers doing business, internet marketing requires skills comparable or superior to those required of traditional marketing. Internet marketing can benefit businesses in many ways, from building brand awareness and generating sales to guiding prospective buyers to where they can make a purchasing decision.

Internet marketing specifically addresses this core areas:

Products and Services

Internet marketing is also used to interact with potential clients and customers through your website and other online mediums. You can talk to your client through a message board, newsletter, e-mail, wireless mail, or even on your cell phone.


Much like traditional advertising, internet marketing uses new media such as the internet, email, social networks, blogs, and search engines. Traditional methods include television, radio, newspapers, magazines, radio and newspapers, as well as the internet. Internet marketing is also used to even bond online with your competitors, network further.

Good Marketing Plan

Internet marketing is often more successful when parts of the marketing plan, called tactics, fall in line with the overall strategy of your business. For example, if you are thinking about a campaign that will emphasize internet marketing, you may include search engine optimization, email marketing, banner ads and article marketing as key tactics.

Building your Brand

Your internet marketing message should blend into your overall marketing strategy as well as your corporate image. If you are simply presenting information, content, and information, internet marketing can be done yourself. But try to integrate your traditional marketing methods into these online activities - those include your logo, corporate identity, color scheme, product descriptions and any special promotions and incentives to reinforce your message.

Direct Sales/Leads

As internet marketing is a growing industry, many companies are beginning to understand that this sector can be used to generate direct sales or generate qualified sales leads. These prospects or sales are usually much more effective than leads from traditional methods. It can also be used to "run your business" by referring your new business contacts to your network of local and national partners.

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Facebook is a social networking site that allows thousands of users to share information, experiences, interests and more. Your business can access at least three different, content-rich features that can broaden your reach while helping you increase the traffic to your website. People who do business through their personal computers are social networkers, and social networkers have found targeted markets for their businesses. Once you have acknowledged that no one will post the information that you have posted, and realize that you will need to be creative in your approach to your Facebook Page, you can create your "Facebook Store". Your Facebook Store is a place and a place only your fans can visit. Your business site is a convenient place to present your merchandise, but this is right at the top of your site as your first option on your opportunity page. The next step is to sign-up with Facebook advertising. There are a number of advertising services that can be used to help you develop targeted exposure and appear on a highly-targeted web. Facebook advertising is very similar to Google AdWords, which only differs in the scale of the target market and the costs required. You can create multiple ads to help you manage just the type of advertising you want. Choose the right customer relevant ads for your products, experience and services. Once you start obtaining traffic from a Facebook site, you can use banner ads on other social sites, consuming free, targeted traffic to derive more site visits and more conversions. To employ a banner ad on another site, you need a link on your site. A banner ad has no closing quote, so that home page's link is used to forward users to your advertising link on their page. You will need to generate interest on your site and provide an intriguing visual to entice users to click on the banner and take them to your site. Banner ads are a form of a communicating to users directly and one of the best advertising tools available on the internet. Banner ads provide a single-tracking tool which permits customizing your target audience and keeping accurate advert metrics. Depending on your optimizer, you can target specific types of users, top banner ads, specific demographics, or even a full-scale interactive advertisement. Banner Ads can be run by just about any website, as you control which HTML, text, images and sounds will be shown. Banner ads are a perfect solution to attract a monthly payment from your affiliates. Since affiliate banner ads are where you need the most traffic, the more powerful your presence is the more money you will make. Banner ads will always, and probably always, be the best form of promotion available to the business owner.

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There are basically 2 types of SEO. They are onsite and offsite optimization. Local SEO is onsite optimization. It is basically the same as onsite optimization but at the local level.

Onsite Optimization

Namely, keyword research, a strong linking program, image optimization, a well-structured site with keyword rich content, and a well-navigation system. Onsite optimization is the technique that is used to better the SEO process so that it would be more easily recognized by the search engine. Unethical techniques or black hat techniques might work initially, but will definitely hurt or protocols. Search engines are already powerful enough to detect these techniques. They are getting smarter and smarter all the time. Placing hidden keywords is now outright illegal. Link farms now block legitimate traffic to their sites. Meta tag stuffing is frowned upon. Cloaking is deemed illegal. These are just some of the techniques.

Offsite Optimization

Offsite optimization is using techniques that are not used onsite, but are central to the web. One such technique is link building. Link building is the process of having other websites connect to your site.  This increases the amount of traffic, both in terms of quantity and quality, to the web. There are many ways to accomplish this, like inbound links to your site. Other forms of link building are social bookmarking. These sites will connect to your site and advertise about your site, along with including a link to your site.

Link exchange is another form of link building. It's similar to link building, but instead of swapping links with other sites, you exchange links with sites that are relevant to yours. You can also submit your sites to online directories. Another link building tactic is that of creating reciprocal links between sites that are hosted on the same servers. This is a tactic that is frowned upon by search engines, but is used by some. Most search engines will simply discount the links. This can be a good thing if you make a similar site similar to yours and have them link to yours. By having a bunch of sites that link to each other, search engines will begin to consider the links relevant. This will benefit your site.

Another site that can boost your search engine ranking is by using empty text links. The empty text links are links that are simply colored matching text. There are a few search engines that are still on the lookout for empty text links. The use of empty links is most prevalent on sites that contain phrased information that is not relevant. The phrasing of the site, the keywords used, the amount of sites that are linking to the target site and the amount of links that the target site has are a few of the many on-site factors that are considered by search engines. All of this is a factor in how search engines determine where a particular site will rank in the search engine results. Search engines do not actually see the layout of the site or read the text. Rather they look at the number of sites that link to the site, the places those sites link to and the text that is used to link to the site. The site with the most links to it is deemed to be the most relevant. Search engines consider these the most important factors when determining how to rank a particular site.

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There are several different tactics that you can use in order to market your website & get ranked higher on the search engines. In today's article we will cover one aspect of search engine rankings that is often overlooked by many webmasters. Marketing your website.

Link building

It's widely known that search engines give more priority to website age, and since your website can't get age to improve its position on the search engine, it will be very good for you to find many websites that link to your website. Linking has the possibility to improve your website's rank among search engines, and this can bring good amounts of traffic to your website. Many webmasters avoid links, thinking that it is a useless effort and only gets you into trouble with the search engines. This is not true. Just like any other SEO technique, linking can help your website get ranked higher on the search engines. But instead of going for quantity, it is better to concentrate on quality. Quality links can bring traffic that is far more valuable than the quantity of links.

So how do you get quality links?

Submit your website to directories

Establishing your own directory for your website can be a good way of getting links to your website. Many directories already have established high ranks with the search engines, and when your website is listed in these directories, it improves your rank among search engines. There are a lot of directories for search engines, and it would be quite hard to get a link from each one of them. But if you submit to a few good directories, this will be helpful to you.

Learn who you want to link to

When you've established your website, try to think who would be worthy of getting a link from your site. Just think about who you want to link to your website. Anyone who is likely to link to your site will be a good choice. Since making good suggestions for websites to link to your site are quite time consuming, you may wish to hire an SEO firm to do the job for you.

Make your website stand out

You'll have to think differently from other websites. If you want to get attention from search engines, you need to make your website stand out. That does not mean that you can't copy what they're doing. You can learn the basics from them, and then start doing things on your own that further differentiate your website.

Write and submit original articles

Having well written and well detailed articles makes search engines take notice. And the more articles you have the more likely other websites will link to yours. If you can write an article that is compelling people will be interested in it, and they will want to link to it. That means you have to write compelling articles. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to write other people's excellent articles. And they will be happy to place a link to your website in their articles. Just place a link or two.

Participate in other people's blogs

Most blogs give newcomers the opportunity to post comments. This is great if you want to get some excellent keywords or if you have some information that is worth sharing with others. Although this is mostly for helpful posts that are interesting for your readers, it can be a great way of getting a link. Just make sure that you are choosing a blog that allows "dofollow" links. This means that all hyperlinks in your comments will be followed by search engine spiders. The other great thing about leaving comments is that it gives you the opportunity to build your link popularity. The more people who link to you, the more popular you are becoming, and the more likely other websites will link to you as well.