Thursday, December 17, 2020

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You have a firm grip on how much money you owe. How much do you have in savings and how much do these accounts or credit cards currently total? What can you pay every month and still maintain some kind of lifestyle? Even if you have a steady job, expenses always seem to catch up with you. If you don't have all of your expenses covered each month, a collection agency is going to be hard to avoid. Being completely honest with yourself is something a lot of persons struggle with. It may be embarrassing to come clean with a spouse about not being able to pay bills each month or to admit to a child that you can't buy gifts or groceries because you have no money. As long as you realize that this is something that has a definite negative impact on your life - the impact is already on the surface - learn to be proud that you are taking positive steps toward making a different future.

Begin by reviewing all outstanding accounts and credit cards. Determine which ones you can pay and which ones you need to go into default status. Usually, these will only be a late fee, however some agencies will charge you every bit as much as 30$ for their services. After this is covered, you can begin work on whichever debt you secured with these credit agencies. When you are working to repair credit cards, start with the ones that are not secured.  These often have the shortest tenure and are at risk of closing and increasing your interest rate. Begin paying down on them and work toward having them paid in full or at least on time. NOTE: Some of these cards are secured and will allow you to only pay off the minimum balance each month. This can help you in a real sense because you won't fall further into debt simply because you can't afford to pay on time each month.

You can start saving money by cutting back on unnecessary expenses. The challenge here is that you need to adjust your lifestyle to a point where your income is greater than your expenses. This couple with your credit may allow you to cut back but it is all part of the process. Once you have been able to work your credit cards plan into profitability, you'll be able to apply even more money towards these accounts so that you can get them paid off faster. If you really want a better credit score, it is important to only charge what you can afford to pay off each month. It is important to live responsibly and pay your bills on time. Allow a small amount of money - as much as you can afford - to be set aside and add to your savings. It may be uncomfortable to have to make some changes to your lifestyle, but that is the price you have to pay to repair your credit. Plan for success and continue to move toward financial freedom.


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